2009 -2010 Events

Fall 2009 Events

Event One

Monday, September 14
Who Owns Your Genes?
Intellectual Property, Innovation Policy, and the Future of Genetic Medicine

Event Two

Wednesday, October 28
Public Health, Genomics, and Biobanking:
Reconciling Scientific Progress and Ethics in the Michigan BioTrust for Health

Event Three

Tuesday, December 8
Segregation Anew?
The Rise of Pharmacogenomics and the Implications for Race in America

Winter 2010 Events

Event Four

Monday, January 11
An Ethics Enigma?
Consent, Privacy, Return of Results and Whole Genome Research

Event Five

Monday, February 8  
Whole Genome Analysis in the Clinic
Ready or Not, Here it Comes

Event Six

Monday, March 8
The Promise and Peril of Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing: